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Amorak Tim Jessell


Tim Jessell

Published September 1st 1995
ISBN : 9780152009229
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 About the Book 

Amorak is a traditional myth of the Inuit people of Alaska. It tells how caribou were created by the Great Being of the Sky to help the Inuit people obtain food, clothing and shelter. However, when the caribou herd become dominated by weak and sick animals, the Inuit people had a problem on their hands. They asked for the Great Being of the Sky to help them with all these weak and sick caribou, and so She created the wolf to hunt those animals and ultimately help with the health of the caribou herd. Through this relationship, the story explains, the caribou and wolf are actually brothers.Amorak uses animal and legendary mythical characters to convey a message about interconnectedness and each creature’s role in the food web. This is a 3rd-4th grade reading level. I would use this book as a part of a biology lesson and/or a lesson about the Inuit people.