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Tainted Trail Wen Spencer

Tainted Trail

Wen Spencer

Published May 27th 2005
ISBN : 9780786556373
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 About the Book 

Ukiah Oregon is an alien with human DNA. He has existed on this plant for hundreds of years, many of them living with wolves in the Pacific Northwest. Several years ago he was found by a woman in a humane wolf cage and Ukiah came to live with Mom Jo and Mom Lara outside of Pittsburgh. Now he works as a tracker for a private investigator. In his second adventure, Ukiah and Max, his partner, travel to Oregon, looking for a missing hiker. Traveling with them is the uncle of the missing hiker, Maxs friend who is police officer in Pittsburgh. Ukiah finds a trail and tracks Alicia, but is shot during the tracking. It becomes clear there are other aliens invovled in this disappearance as well as several brutal murders in the area. Ukiah also finds a First American family who recognizes him as Magic Boy, who lived with their ancestors generations ago. Ukiah soon learns more of his missing memories of his early life on this continent, including the scout ship that brought his alien ancestors to this planet. This is an exciting series with a wonderful sense of world-building. I admire Wen Spencers ability to keep it all straight and I look forward to reading more adventures with Ukiah.